Advantages of cooperation with the strong MULTICRAFT Group

Strength and potential of more than 20 companies

Our group associates more than 20 companies across varied fields. Particular companies are able to work and be successful on their own but, at the same time, they can integrate a large project together and take advantage of many synergic effects.

MULTICRAFT Group structure

We cover a large part of the industrial market

  • Power engineering
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Logistics and trade
  • Plastic materials processing
  • Services for public sector
  • Automotive industry
  • Automatic control systems
  • Air conditioning and cooling

For our customers we multiply our manufacturing capacities, skills and solution complexity

We are able to associate the manufacturing capacities and all skills of our members. Thus we can offer to our clients not only a higher level of services and works than an individual company but thanks to this we are able to ensure a maximum complexity of a solution, to shorten delivery deadlines and to reduce prices. Another benefit of shared capacities and experiences is our ability to perform very extensive projects within Europe and North America.

A portfolio of services that only a strong group can offer

  • Complete technology deliveries including installation
  • Deliveries of special materials and components for power engineering, chemical or petrochemical industry, mechanical engineering or plastic materials processing
  • Services in the sector of industrial automation and single-purpose machines, parts of production lines or measurement and regulation
  • A broad spectrum of works for electrical engineering
  • Our own manufacture of switch-gear, industrial cooling, piping, fixtures, weldments, work-pieces and steel structures

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